NLGP makes your windshield more resistant to stray rocks, hail, and sand storms. This amazing formula can extend the life of your windshield and helps you avoid expensive windshield replacements! A variety of warranty terms are available for repair or replacement.


A leading study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that hydrophobic coatings like Nano Liquid Glass Protector could increase windshield visibility by 34%.

Laboratory Tests

Flying Rocks
Sand Blasting
Sand Paper

Long Lasting

Won’t rub off or wash off like other windshield coatings. NLGP is car wash safe!

Improved Safety

Reduces night glare and the distracting halos of oncoming headlights to make night driving safer and more relaxing. Our NLGP technology resists rain, dirt, and grime to help you and your passengers stay safe during extreme weather events.

Easy Cleaning

Our hydrophobic formula resists water, snow, ice, and grime. You will still need to wash your windshield but you will notice that it’s a lot easier after NLGP coating has been applied. This feature also makes it a snap to clear ice and snow off your windshield. Sticky bugs and pollen will wash right off so you have a crystal clear view.

You never know what’s on the road ahead, so be prepared! Nano Liquid Glass Protector (NLGP) is a patented windshield coating that is guaranteed to strengthen your windshield, increase visibility, repel rain and ice, and make your overall driving experience safer and less stressful.

Other windshield coatings wash or wear off over time. Nano Liquid Glass Protector will not wash off your windshield, protecting you and your family day after day.

Watch this short video to see Nano Liquid Glass Protector in action and then find a participating dealer near you!

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